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 Following Exercise Tiger Triumph, the Surface Warfare Officer on the USS Somerset, Brnjic, expressed his happiness to spend time in Visakhapatnam with Indian Navy personnel, adding that they learned a lot from them.

Somerset is one of three San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ships named in honour of the lives lost during the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

“We love the time we spent here in Visakhapatnam with Indian Navy personnel. We learned a lot from them and we had some great memories of playing games with them,” Brnjic, Surface Warfare Officer on the Somerset,” said.

Exercise ‘Tiger Triumph 2024’, is a bilateral, tri-service exercise between India and the US. The opening ceremony of the exercise took place onboard INS Jalashwa on March 19.

The Harbour Phase of the exercise was conducted at Visakhapatnam from March 18-25 and included pre-sail discussions, subject matter expert exchanges on professional subjects and deliberations on the planning and execution procedures of various tasks.

As part of Triumph 2024, the USS Navy Somerset ship came to Visakhapatnam, which is a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ship.

Every deck of the ship contains mementoes of Flight 93, including a dedicated passageway leading to the Memorial Room, which bears the names of the passengers.

Earlier on Saturday, the crew of the USS Somerset said they will always remember their visit to Visakhapatnam and the great experience of the joint exercise with the Indian Navy as part of Tiger Triumph.

Ashley Ambuehl, a pilot on the ship, said, “Over 1,000 sailors and marines travel on this ship that has the capacity to carry dozens of military vehicles, a workshop for boat repair, and on the flight deck, aircraft and helicopters can land and station.”

Notably, the USS Somerset has a museum of 9/11 memories. United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked during the terrorist attacks, but the passengers and crew prevented the plane from reaching its intended target, it tragically crashed in Stoneycreek Township in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Earlier on Sunday, a pre-sail conference was conducted at Visakhapatnam to discuss the nuances of the upcoming sea phase of Exercise Tiger Triumph 2024.

The plans were presented to the commanders, with the commanding officers of participating units of the United States Navy and Indian Navy in attendance.

“The exercise represents the robust strategic partnership between both countries and aims to share best practices and Standard Operating Procedures in undertaking multinational HADR operations,” the Ministry of Defence said in an official release.

The Indian Army is being represented by one infantry battalion group, including mechanised forces, whereas the Indian Air Force has deployed its medium-lift aircraft, transport helicopters and a Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT).

Additionally, the Special Ops Forces from all three services are participating in the exercise.

Meanwhile, the US Task Force comprises a US Navy Landing Platform Dock, including its integral Landing Craft Air Cushions and helicopters, a destroyer, maritime reconnaissance and medium lift aircraft, as well as Marines.