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The US intelligence community believes China intends to establish additional military bases and access agreements globally, including locations near India. According to a March 11th report titled “The Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community,” China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aims to “project power and protect China’s interests abroad” through this expansion.

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar are identified as possible targets. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Seychelles are mentioned as potential locations. Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Tajikistan, and Tanzania are also listed as potential areas of interest for China.

This intelligence assessment highlights China’s strategic goals of increasing its global military footprint and safeguarding its expanding economic and political interests abroad. The potential establishment of Chinese military bases in close proximity to India could be perceived as a challenge to regional security dynamics.

This development might prompt other countries in the region to strengthen their own military capabilities and alliances.The US is likely to closely monitor China’s actions and potentially counter its strategic moves through its own military alliances and partnerships.