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In a move to strengthen Indian ground forces amidst border tensions with China, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently announced a collaborative effort with India to develop Stryker armored vehicles.

The program reportedly focuses on the Stryker M-SHORAD (Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense) variant. This highly mobile air defense system, equipped for neutralizing low-altitude aerial threats, will be built on a new Stryker A1 chassis jointly developed by both nations.

The Stryker M-SHORAD offers a lethal, mobile, and survivable air defense system against various aerial threats. This variant is built on the new Stryker A1 chassis, which both countries plan to develop collaboratively. India is set to receive M-SHORADs equipped with both traditional missile defense capabilities and a cutting-edge 50-kilowatt laser weapon system, known as the Directed Energy M-SHORAD.

The M-SHORAD is an air defense artillery vehicle specifically designed to counter low-altitude aerial threats, including drones, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. This system utilizes the Stryker 8×8 platform, a highly versatile family of armored vehicles already deployed by the US Army.

The Stryker’s modular design allows for various configurations, including infantry carriers, reconnaissance vehicles, mobile gun systems, and more. This adaptability makes the M-SHORAD system rapidly deployable and effective in supporting ground forces across diverse operational environments.

India will ToT for the Stryker also for the weapons that are to be procured with it. Indian Army plans to procure 300 units in first phase that could also see new powerful engine for the program likely sourced from Cummins.

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