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Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Saturday hailed Nivetti Systems for the indigenously developed 2.4 tbps router. He termed it a momentous achievement for the country. “I came to Bengaluru for a very special purpose. First indigenously developed 2.4 tbps router. It’s not a very small thing. It’s really a momentous achievement for our country,” Vaishnaw, who holds the Electronics, Communication, Information Technology and Railways portfolios, said at the launch here.

“This is indeed a very big milestone that we have achieved,” he noted.

He wished that thousands of these products are installed in the coming months in the country and Nivetti 2.4 tbps becomes a product which is exported to the world.

Terabytes per second (TBps) is data transmission rate equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes, or one lakh crore bytes per second.

According to Vaishnaw, a router is a kind of device which gets lots of information and date from various sources and it processes it properly and disseminates in the appropriate destination.

“Router is a digital postman, which delivers the information to the right receptor from one end to another,” Vaishnaw said.

It will be helpful in all the sectors be it Railways communication network, power grid, tele-communication and television media, he added.

Vaishnaw underlined that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a clear focus on developing technologies and scaling them up.

“That’s where this product like 2.4 tbps router comes in, right bang into the framework that our Prime Minister is trying to build,” he added.

The Minister said manufacturing is no longer old fashioned where it was practically a mechanical kind of activity. Today’s manufacturing is a manufacturing where there is lots of software, innovation and combination of brain power in the hardware, he explained.

“Having a very strong base of software and having very significantly large design capabilities make us absolutely at a takeoff point where we can become a major product nation in the world.” “We are a good service nation, will continue to be that, we will continue to grow on the services. In parallel, we make our efforts to become a product nation and a manufacturing nation. That’s the focus,” Vaishnaw told the audience.

Stating that every country in the world has supported their innovators, helped them with financial policy, incentives to new designs and new products, Vaishnaw said India too has started it through multiple structures.

Predicting the BJP-led NDA’s victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Union Minister said Modi’s third term will benefit innovators in a big way.

“In Narendra Modi’s third term many of these things will be scaled up in a very big way, in a manner by which innovators can look at significant market opportunities, innovators can look at significant export opportunities and a framework where the regulation is there to support them,” Vaishnaw said.