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US envoy to India, Eric Garcetti on Tuesday congratulated the India and US navies for the ‘stellar kick-off’ of the India-US joint exercise ‘Tiger Triumph 2024’ and said such exercises underscore the significant US-India Defence partnership.

“Congratulations to @USNavy and @IndianNavy for a stellar kick-off to #TIGERTRIUMPH 2024! Joint exercises like this underscore the vital #USIndiaDefense partnership, strengthening our bonds and securing our shared interests. Together, we’re paving the way for a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific that benefits all nations. #USIndiaFWD,” Envoy Garcetti posted on X.

Amid the ongoing exercise in Visakhapatnam, Envoy Garcetti also visited Kailasagiri Park and said that India’s diverse landscape always amazed him.

“Beautiful panoramic view of #Vizag from #Kailasagiri Park. The incredible diversity of India’s landscapes always amazes me! Thank you @GVMC_Visakha for preserving and showcasing the beauty of this breathtaking site. #TIGERTRIUMPH,” he said on X.

“Clean water and hygiene initiatives in schools have a huge impact, ensuring girls can attend and continue their education without hindrance. Thank you @IVLP alumna @sanagajapati for your impactful initiatives in local schools in Vizag, supporting girls’ education and empowerment. Together, we’re breaking barriers and enabling a brighter future for all girls. #IVLP,” he added, hailing an initiative to provide education to girls.

The bilateral tri-service Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) amphibious exercise between India and US, ‘Tiger Triumph’ commenced on Tuesday with the opening ceremony held onboard INS Jalashwa.

“The exercise represents the robust strategic partnership between both countries and aims to share best practices and standard operating procedures in undertaking multinational HADR operations,” said an official statement.

The Harbour Phase of the exercise is scheduled at Visakhapatnam from March 18 to 25, 2024 and will include pre-sail discussions, subject matter expert exchanges on professional subjects and deliberations on the planning and execution procedures of various tasks. Friendly sports events are also scheduled to further enhance camaraderie between the participating armed forces personnel of both nations.

Additionally, the sea phase will be conducted from March 26 to 31, which will include units of both countries setting up a joint command and control centre and a joint relief and medical camp.

A planning and coordination exercise would concurrently be undertaken to discuss and refine a standard operating procedure (SOP) to enable rapid and smooth coordination between forces of both countries.

According to the statement, the participating units from the Indian Navy include a landing platform dock, large landing ship including their integral landing crafts and helicopters, guided missile frigate and long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

The Indian Army would be represented by one infantry battalion group, including mechanised forces. The Indian Air Force would deploy medium-lift aircraft, transport helicopters and a Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT). Additionally, the special ops forces from all three services will also participate in the exercise.

The US Task Force would comprise a US Navy landing platform dock, including its integral landing craft air cushions and helicopters, a destroyer, maritime reconnaissance and medium-lift aircraft, and also, US Marines.

Notably, the exercise is aimed at developing interoperability for conducting HADR operations and refining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enable rapid and smooth coordination between forces of both countries.

“Indian Navy ships with integral helicopters and landing crafts embarked, Indian Navy aircraft, Indian Army personnel and vehicles and Indian Air Force aircraft and helicopters, along with the Rapid Action Medical Team (RAMT), would be participating in the exercise,” the press release said.