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Recent reports have raised questions regarding the purported presence of an armed Special Forces Unit from the Indian army operating within Zimbabwe’s gold and chemicals manufacturing sectors. Allegedly enjoying unrestricted access to raw materials, these highly-trained soldiers have reportedly caused a stir with their activities, prompting speculation and scrutiny.

While initially engaged in Mozambique’s strife-torn Cabo Delgado region, where insurgent forces challenge the government, the deployment of this unit locally has sparked more questions than answers. Operating under the banner of “Indian Special Forces,” the unit is said to be moving around in vehicles bearing conspicuous markings, further drawing attention to its activities.’s observations revealed two distinct vehicles associated with the alleged unit: a white Toyota GD6 (AGA 2524) and a grey Ford Ranger (AGE 2419), both adorned with “Indian Army, Special Forces” insignia. The Toyota GD6 features a bold slogan, “We Dare The Impossible,” while the Ford Ranger proudly displays “We Are The Fearless.”

Reports suggest that a former Cabinet minister from the Midlands province may be facilitating the operations of this unit, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. The alleged unchecked authority wielded by the unit within the gold mining and chemicals manufacturing sectors has raised concerns among local authorities and intelligence agencies.

Sources within the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) have disclosed efforts to track down and seize the identified vehicles, indicating a proactive response to address the situation. However, the full extent of the unit’s activities and its objectives in Zimbabwe remain shrouded in mystery, fueling speculation and conjecture.