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The top leadership of the United Kashmir People’s Nation Party (UKPNP) in a joint statement issued on Sunday expressed serious concern over the recent militarization of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). In their statement, top UKPNP leaders including Chairman Shaukat said. Ali Kashmiri spokesperson Nasir Aziz Khan and Foreign Affairs Secretary Jamil Maqsu expressed their apprehension about Pakistan’s decision to deploy defense personnel including Rangers, Quick Reaction Force (QRF), Crime Branch, a Pakistani police in the PoK area .

UKPNP leaders stressed that this tactic is a repression strategy adopted by Pakistani defense agencies, aimed at crushing the protests organized by the Joint Awami Action Committee (JAAC) and the People’s Right Movement in PoK. He highlighted that protests are continuing in PoK since May 2023.Demanding redressal of various issues including heavy taxes, increased electricity bills, unemployment, food shortage and exploitation of natural resources, UKPNP appealed to all its members in PoK to participate in the protest march being organized by UKPNP and JAAC on 11 May.

Has called for. During this march in Bhimbar and Muzaffarabad, the demands included free power provision for Po natives, subsidy on essential commodities, majority ownership of hydropower projects in PoK, ending privileges for the elite class and resolution of issues like load shedding, inflation, etc. shall include. Unemployment, as outlined in the joint statement, The statement stressed that peaceful protests, association and assembly are democratic rights of every individual and stressed that the use of force against peaceful protests will not be tolerated. This will not be done and will be strongly opposed on all platforms.

The UKPNP leadership urged the Pakistani administration to expeditiously address and fulfill all the demands of the people of PoK, highlighting the grave situation of residents being deprived of their basic human rights in PoK, including Gilgit Baltistan. Comprising part of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir which has been under illegal occupation of Pakistan since 1947, PoK is facing serious issues such as freedom of expression, unemployment, high inflation and human rights violations against political activists and journalists. For many decades, people in PoK have been demanding and demanding independence from Pakistan. International intervention. UKPNP has been raising such issues in various international forums including the United Nations.