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In a recent report published by Dainik Jagran, it has been revealed that the British government, under the leadership of Rishi Sunak, has taken significant action against anti-India Khalistan supporters. The formation of a special task force aimed at dismantling the Khalistani funding network has led to the seizure of over 300 bank accounts belonging to Khalistan supporters, resulting in the confiscation of approximately Rs 100 crore.

The decisive action taken by the UK government highlights its commitment to combating extremism and promoting peace and stability, both domestically and internationally. The crackdown on Khalistan supporters sends a strong message that acts of terrorism and separatism will not be tolerated, regardless of their geographical origin.

The seizure of bank accounts and the tracking of suspicious transactions across Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand demonstrate the global reach and interconnectedness of extremist networks. By disrupting the flow of funds intended to fuel separatist movements, the UK government has dealt a significant blow to the infrastructure supporting anti-India activities.

One of the notable seizures includes Rs 20 crore found in the account of the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a pro-Khalistan organization known for its advocacy of a separate Sikh state. SFJ’s deposit for a referendum in support of Khalistan in Scotland underscores the organization’s persistent efforts to promote its agenda on the global stage.