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India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant has become a focal point for UFO enthusiasts after a police officer reported witnessing unusual aerial lights hovering above the facility on multiple occasions last summer.

Syed Abdul Kader, an investigator with the Indian Police Service, shared two exclusive videos with The videos capture the perplexing lights performing “zigzag” maneuvers over the power plant.

Fearing the unidentified craft might not be of earthly origin, Kader reached out to Ufologist Sasquatch Research Center India (S.R.C.I.) director Sathish J. Keecheri. Keecheri, known for his advocacy on UFO phenomena, has a history of raising concerns about unexplained sightings near nuclear facilities. In 2019, he filed a petition to the Supreme Court of India, backed by former Pentagon officials and US Air Force veterans, urging the government to take such incidents more seriously.

The nature of the lights captured in the videos and their purpose remain unclear. While the sightings have garnered media attention, there has been no official confirmation or explanation from Indian authorities regarding the events at Kudankulam.

The reported UFO sightings near a sensitive nuclear facility raise concerns about potential security risks. It is crucial for Indian authorities to investigate these incidents thoroughly and transparently, regardless of the final conclusions. Providing the public with a clear understanding of the situation can help alleviate anxieties and ensure continued trust in the safety and security measures surrounding the country’s nuclear program.