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Major General Saleh Mohammed bin Majren Al Ameri, Commander of Joint Operations for the United Arab Emirates, recently embarked on a visit to the People’s Republic of China. Accompanied by a delegation from the UAE Ministry of Defence, his trip began with a meeting in Beijing with General Chang Dingqiu, Commander of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

The discussions centered on strengthening military cooperation and joint efforts between the two nations. High-ranking officials from both countries’ defense ministries participated in the session, exploring avenues for further development in these areas.

Adding a layer of intrigue to the visit were photographs released by the UAE Ministry of Defence. These images captured a backdrop featuring a painting prominently showcasing two J-20 fighter jets.

While the presence of the J-20, China’s most advanced operational fighter jet, could simply be coincidental – given its status symbol nature within the Chinese military – its inclusion does spark speculation about the nature of the discussions. Potential exploration of the J-20 aircraft itself cannot be entirely ruled out.