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BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture between India and Russia, is setting its sights on Southeast Asia to expand its market for the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, according to a report by Jane’s.

The report states that BrahMos Aerospace has offered the BrahMos missile to three Southeast Asian nations: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The company is currently engaged in talks with all three countries, aiming to finalize potential deals.

The report highlights a specific interest from Malaysia and Indonesia. These countries have reportedly shown keenness on acquiring the air-launched variant of the BrahMos missile. This variant is designed for integration with fighter jets, enabling long-range air-to-surface strike capabilities.

For BrahMos Aerospace, this push into Southeast Asia signifies an important step towards establishing itself as a major defense exporter. If successful, these deals could pave the way for further BrahMos exports and solidify India’s position as a growing player in the global arms industry.