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A Turkish Ak?nc? unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sparked debate after its search mission in Iran. The drone, deployed at Iran’s request to locate the wreckage of President Raisi’s helicopter, traced the star and crescent of the Turkish flag on its return path over Lake Van.

While some hailed it as a show of Turkish technological prowess and willingness to assist a neighbor, others criticized the move as a nationalistic stunt. The Turkish Ministry of Defense deployed the Ak?nc? alongside a night vision-equipped Cougar helicopter to aid in the search efforts. This collaboration was seen as a positive gesture by some, highlighting cooperation between the two nations.

However, the drone’s flight path back to Turkey raised eyebrows. By tracing the Turkish flag symbol, many observers felt it overshadowed the humanitarian aspect of the mission. Critics labeled it a “cheap marketing gimmick” that undermined the seriousness of the situation.

The incident divided opinion online. Some on social media praised the drone’s capabilities and the Turkish government’s swift action. Others, however, found the flag display disrespectful and insensitive, particularly given the nature of the original mission.

The controversy surrounding the drone’s flight path could point to underlying tensions between Turkey and Iran. While the two countries collaborate on certain issues, they have also clashed over regional influence and political ideologies.