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Azerbaijani media has sparked speculation with footage of tarpaulin-covered trucks moving from the Iranian village of Juffa towards Armenia on January 17, 2024. The claim? This convoy carries military cargo potentially originating from India, raising questions about the nature and purpose of the movement.

While Azerbaijani media alleges the cargo includes an Indian weapons system, it has been speculated from Indian Defence analysts that it could be TC-20 MGS howitzers manufactured by Indian defence company Bharat-Forge, this claim remains unverified. Several factors contribute to the uncertainty:

  • Cargo Concealment: The covered trucks provide no visual clues about the contents, leaving room for speculation and potential misinformation.
  • Camo Confusion: Recent sightings of TC-20s sporting an unfamiliar camouflage pattern at Bharat-Forge further fuel speculation, but do not confirm their destination or purpose.

Bharat-Forge already delivered towed ATAGS howitzers to Armenia via Iran in 2023. The TC-20 MGS boasts capabilities potentially attractive for mountainous regions like Armenia since Its 4×4 platform offers greater manoeuvrability compared to traditional towed howitzers. The 155mm 39/45 calibre gun packs a punch, reaching a standard range of 36 km, extendable to 38 km with specialized ammunition.

With limited official information, the true nature of the cargo remains shrouded in mystery. As the international community awaits clarification, the incident underscores the intricate web of geopolitical alliances and military maneuvers in the region.

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