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In response to the recent incidents of violence allegedly perpetrated by individuals involved in the farmers’ protests, authorities in Haryana have escalated efforts to curb such activities. Notably, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ambala, Joginder Sharma, has announced plans to target individuals identified as participating in violent acts, particularly those crossing over from Punjab into Haryana.

“We have identified individuals involved in violence coming to Haryana from Punjab in the name of farmers’ protest,” stated DSP Joginder Sharma. “We have identified them with CCTV cameras and drone cameras. We will request the Ministry and embassy to cancel their Visas and passports… Their photos, names, and addresses will be given to the passport office. We are working on canceling their passports.”

The statement underscores the gravity of the situation and the determination of law enforcement to hold perpetrators accountable for any unlawful actions. The use of advanced surveillance technology like CCTV and drone cameras reflects the authorities’ commitment to meticulous monitoring and swift response to incidents that threaten public safety and disrupt the peaceful conduct of protests.

This move signifies a proactive approach by Haryana authorities to prevent the escalation of violence and maintain law and order amidst the ongoing farmers’ protests. By targeting individuals identified as instigators of violence and taking concrete steps to restrict their mobility through passport and visa cancellations, law enforcement aims to deter potential troublemakers and ensure that protests remain peaceful and within the bounds of the law.