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Tonbo Imaging has unveiled its latest innovation, the Infinity EOIR fire control system, designed to revolutionize the way crew-served weapons like the AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher are operated. This advanced multi-sensor system boasts a range of features that promise unparalleled accuracy, increased first-hit probability, and enhanced situational awareness in all weather and visibility conditions.

At the heart of Infinity lies a powerful combination of optronics and inertial sensors. These sensors work in tandem to provide a disturbed reticle, which automatically compensates for barrel movement and environmental factors, allowing for rapid target acquisition and engagement. This translates to faster reaction times and a significant increase in first-hit probability, crucial in high-pressure combat situations.

Infinity’s capabilities extend far beyond just improved accuracy. The system is packed with features designed to enhance situational awareness and weapon efficiency:

  • Day & Night Operation: Uncooled LWIR thermal imager and daylight imager ensure clear vision regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Direct & Indirect Fire Support: Infinity seamlessly switches between direct and indirect fire modes, offering flexibility and adaptability on the battlefield.
  • Integrated Sensor Suite: Eye-safe laser range finder, MET sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure), GPS, and digital magnetic compass provide comprehensive environmental data for precise targeting.
  • Ballistic Computer: Calculates accurate firing solutions based on target range, environmental conditions, and weapon parameters.
  • Optional Target Speed Calculator: Further enhances accuracy by factoring in target movement.
  • Automatic Barrel Shift Measurement: Automatically adjusts aiming point for optimal accuracy.
  • Inbuilt Memory: Continuous video recording for over 8 hours allows for post-mission analysis and training.
  • MIL-STD-810G Qualified: Built to withstand harsh environments and rigorous use.

The Infinity fire control system represents a significant leap forward in crew-served weapon technology. Its advanced features and intuitive design offer a clear advantage on the battlefield, improving accuracy, efficiency, and situational awareness for soldiers. With its ability to adapt to various weapon platforms and environmental conditions, Infinity has the potential to become a mainstay in modern military arsenals.

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