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Tonbo Imaging, a leading defense company, recently exhibited its combat-proven and multi-mission tactical imaging systems at the Army Supply Corps (ASC) Command & Control (C&D) event held in Bengaluru, India. Lt Gen Manjinder Singh, GOC-in-C ARTRAC, Shimla of the Indian Army Training Command, was among the attendees who received a firsthand look at Tonbo’s advanced technology.

Tonbo Imaging impressed attendees with a range of weapon-mounted and handheld imaging systems designed for various battlefield applications. Here’s a breakdown of the showcased products:

  • Weapon Sight: This system likely enhances a soldier’s target acquisition and aiming capability in day and low-light conditions.
  • Smart Thermal Weapon Sight (STWS): This advanced sight may integrate thermal imaging with ballistic calculations and fire control features for precise long-range engagements.
  • HandHeld Thermal Imager: This portable system offers thermal imaging capabilities for situational awareness and target detection on the move.
  • Helmet Mounted Display (HMD): Tonbo’s HMD likely integrates thermal imaging with a heads-up display, allowing soldiers to maintain situational awareness without compromising visibility.
  • Thermal Imaging Binocular: This powerful binocular provides magnified thermal views for extended range observation and reconnaissance.

By showcasing these combat-proven systems, Tonbo Imaging reaffirmed its commitment to providing the Indian Army with cutting-edge tactical imaging solutions. These versatile systems enhance the capabilities of soldiers across various missions, making them a valuable asset in today’s battlefield scenarios.