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Three weeks have passed since a terror attack on an Indian Air Force (IAF) convoy in Poonch district, Jammu and Kashmir, but the investigation appears to have reached a standstill. This lack of progress raises concerns about holding those responsible accountable.

On April 20, 2024, terrorists ambushed an IAF convoy near Surankote in Poonch. The attack resulted in the death of one Air Force soldier and injuries to five others. The incident marked a significant security breach and highlighted the ongoing threat of terrorism in the region.

Despite initial reports of a major search operation, there haven’t been any updates on the progress of the investigation. The article raises questions about the lack of information available to the public. This lack of transparency can fuel speculation and erode public trust in the security forces’ ability to address the situation.

The absence of a breakthrough in the investigation is concerning. Bringing the perpetrators to justice is crucial to deter future attacks and ensure the safety of Indian personnel. The article emphasizes the need for a more proactive approach from the authorities.

The lack of progress in the investigation creates a sense of unease and raises concerns about the security situation in Poonch. The article highlights the importance of the security forces remaining vigilant and taking measures to prevent similar attacks in the future.