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India’s plans to integrate the indigenously developed Kaveri engine with the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)-Tejas fighter jet prototype is still on as per the latest information provided to According to sources familiar with the program, limited flight trials are expected to be conducted by the end of this decade, serving as crucial technology demonstrators.

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) took a significant step forward in this direction by signing a pivotal agreement with Godrej Aerospace in September 2022. This collaboration entails the manufacturing of eight Kaveri engines, intended for conducting extensive trials. These trials are part of the broader objective to conclude all tests by 2025.

The DRDO is engaged in developing an innovative Afterburner section for this engine. Once operational, this Afterburner section will empower the Kaveri engine to deliver an impressive peak power of 73-74kN of thrust. This feat might not be noteworthy to power the LCA-Tejas fleet it will be done to learn from the experience.

Presently, the LCA-Tejas aircraft is equipped with F-404 engines, generating 84kN thrust. While the prospect of replacing these engines with a lower 73kN thrust Dry Kaveri engine is unlikely, the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), responsible for the Kaveri program, is determined to further enhance the engine core. This effort aims to create a 90kN thrust engine, leveraging the technological advancements of the Kaveri engine. Such an engine could serve as an alternative powerplant for the LCA-Tejas fleet, demonstrating the adaptability and flexibility of Indian aerospace technologies.

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