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For generations, Indians from the northwestern province of Punjab have sought a better life abroad, with Canada being a popular destination. From Sikh soldiers joining the British army to rural families establishing themselves in England, migration offered a path to prosperity. However, a new trend is emerging – some Indians, particularly those who migrated to Canada, are choosing to return home.

This reverse migration stems from various factors. YouTube videos by disillusioned returnees paint a stark contrast between the “rosy picture” painted by immigration agents and the harsh realities of finding jobs and securing affordable housing in Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. These viral videos have instilled a sense of nervousness among aspiring students, leading to a 40% decline in applications for Canadian study permits from India in the latter half of 2023.

Beyond individual narratives, deeper cultural and economic forces are at play. Older generations of Indian migrants are grappling with cultural incompatibility and struggling with the Canadian healthcare system. Conversely, India’s rising economic prospects offer a compelling alternative, leading some to consider retiring in their homeland.

However, the desire for Canadian citizenship remains strong among many, especially in rural communities. While the allure may be dimmed for some, the Canadian dream still holds considerable weight for others. This complex picture highlights the need for nuanced perspectives on migration, acknowledging both the challenges faced abroad and the evolving opportunities in India.