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Tesscorn, a leading provider of high-speed imaging systems and solutions, has been instrumental in supporting India’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) missions by providing cutting-edge technologies that enable precise and reliable tracking of missiles, rockets, and other airborne objects.

The company’s TrackEye6DoF motion analysis software plays a crucial role in validating the separation of missiles and rockets from Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Navy (IN) fighter aircraft. The software utilizes advanced algorithms to track objects in three dimensions, providing accurate data on their trajectory, velocity, and acceleration.

Tesscorn’s airborne cameras, mounted on pylons or directly on the fuselage of aircraft, capture high-resolution images and videos of these separation events. The cameras, equipped with wide-angle lenses, require powerful lens calibration and dynamic camera orientation to compensate for vibrations and ensure precise image capture. Tesscorn’s systems achieve accuracies of up to 0.1 pixel and less than 1-degree attitude angle deviation, making them ideal for these demanding applications.

The Airborne Separation Video System (ASVS), a Tesscorn-developed solution, is a high-speed, multi-camera, digital imaging system specifically designed for use on military aircraft. The ASVS cameras, equipped with electronic shutters, are certified to withstand the intense broad-frequency vibrations and harsh environments encountered at the wingtips of aircraft. A cockpit control unit provides pilots with real-time status updates of the camera system during flight, while a ground interface unit (GIU) allows test engineers to plan camera placement and program test events.

Tesscorn’s contributions to India’s A&D missions extend beyond tracking and validation. The company’s high-speed imaging systems are also used for a range of applications, including:

  • Aerodynamic testing: Capturing high-speed video of aircraft and their components to assess aerodynamic performance and identify potential issues.
  • Weapon system testing: Recording the launch and flight of missiles and rockets to evaluate their performance and validate their design.
  • Parachute testing: Observing the deployment and descent of parachutes to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.

Tesscorn’s commitment to providing high-performance, reliable imaging solutions has made it a trusted partner for India’s A&D sector. The company’s technologies are playing a vital role in advancing India’s aerospace and defense capabilities, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its military operations.

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