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The Indian Air Force’s (IAF) recent Vayu Shakti 2024 exercise witnessed a successful demonstration of the Tejas light combat aircraft’s capabilities, with the jet dropping a Griffin Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) with a time delay fuze on a simulated C2 facility. This development comes amidst some social media claims alleging the bomb failed to explode after hitting its target.

Several accounts on Twitter had spread misinformation about the Griffin LGB’s performance during Vayu Shakti 2024. These claims, however, have been debunked by official sources and visual evidence. The IAF released a video clearly showing the bomb exploding after hitting the target, causing significant damage to the simulated C2 facility, including both exposed and buried structures.

The Griffin LGB is a precision-guided weapon equipped with a laser guidance system and a time delay fuze. This fuze allows the bomb to penetrate a target before detonating, making it effective against hardened and buried structures. The successful deployment of the Griffin LGB by the Tejas demonstrates the aircraft’s ability to deliver precision strikes against a variety of targets, including those designed to withstand conventional munitions.

The Tejas’ successful deployment of the Griffin LGB in Vayu Shakti 2024 serves as a testament to the aircraft’s growing capabilities and India’s advancements in indigenous defense technology. It is crucial to rely on official sources and verified information to combat the spread of misinformation, especially on sensitive topics like national security.