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During their recent Earnings Call for Q4FY23, top management officials of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) announced that the designs for all parts of the LCA Mark-2 are nearly completed, and the company is gearing up to initiate production of the prototype.

The HAL expressed confidence that the LCA Mark-2, equipped with more powerful engines and numerous upgrades compared to the existing Tejas, will be developed as per schedule, with its maiden flight anticipated in mid-2025.

The LCA Mark-2, also known as Tejas Mark-2, holds immense strategic importance for the Indian Air Force (IAF) as it aims to address the impending shortage of fighter squadrons caused by the gradual retirement of Jaguars, MiG-29s, and Mirage 2000s over the next decade. The LCA Mark-2, along with the indigenous Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA), will be positioned as a suitable replacement for these ageing aircraft, ensuring the IAF’s operational capabilities remain robust.

The LCA Mark-2 and AMCA are part of India’s strategic vision to bolster its defence capabilities and reduce dependence on imported military equipment. These indigenous fighter aircraft projects represent the country’s determination to establish self-sufficiency in the defence sector and promote domestic manufacturing.

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