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The development of the Tejas MkII, India’s next-generation fighter jet, is progressing steadily. While component orders are underway, the actual assembly is expected to begin in mid-2025.

Initial progress involves acquiring Line-replaceable unit (LRUs) and other components, some of which will be sourced internationally. However, a delay exists for certain fuselage parts outsourced to private Indian companies. These components are anticipated to arrive by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Later this year, the assembly jig, a crucial structure for aircraft construction, will be set up. This will enable initial assembly work to commence. However, full-scale assembly activity is expected to start only by mid-2025.

The rollout of the Tejas MkII prototype, signifying its removal from the assembly area, might occur by early 2026. However, the exact date hinges on the arrival of specific components with longer lead times.

Despite the potential rollout in early 2026, the first flight of the Tejas MkII is currently projected for sometime in 2027. This timeframe reflects the complexity of the project and the time required for thorough testing and integration of all systems.

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