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The Indian Air Force (IAF) has set its sights on acquiring 108 Tejas Mk2 fighter jets, which will be equipped with the powerful American F-414 engine generating 98kN of thrust. This initial projection is just the beginning, as the order book is expected to expand further with the development of the second improved variant of the Tejas Mk2.

The upgraded variant of the Tejas Mk2, although yet to receive an official designation, will be equipped with a brand-new engine capable of generating 110kN of thrust. This engine is being specifically designed and developed for the 5th generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program. In addition to the enhanced engine, the improved Tejas Mk2 will also incorporate a range of other improvements.

One of the major upgrades planned for the Tejas Mk2 A/B is the integration of 5th generation avionics and systems. This enhancement will ensure that the aircraft is fully compatible and well-equipped to operate alongside other 5th-generation fighter jets such as the AMCA. The incorporation of advanced avionics will significantly enhance the aircraft’s combat capabilities, allowing it to leverage a more advanced weapons system.

During the first phase, the Tejas Mk2 will make use of technologies that have been developed for the previous Tejas Mk1/1A variants. However, as the program progresses into its second phase, the Tejas Mk2 will undergo further upgrades, including the integration of 5th generation avionics and other enhancements. These upgrades will enable the aircraft to take full advantage of its advanced capabilities and engage in complex combat scenarios with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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