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The production of India’s indigenously developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas Mk1A might face a slowdown next year due to delays in the delivery of its engines, according to media reports. This news emerges amidst the IAF’s recent interest in acquiring additional Mk1A variants.

The General Electric (GE) F-404 engines, powering the Tejas Mk1A, were initially scheduled for delivery from August 2023 onwards. However, GE reports supply chain challenges as the reason for the delay and subsequent production stoppage. They assure that the issues have been resolved and deliveries will begin this year.

A delay in engine deliveries could impact the planned production rate of 16 Tejas Mk1A units per year, potentially leading to a production slowdown in 2025. This could have downstream effects on the program’s timeline and potentially impact the delivery schedule for the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Despite the potential production hurdle, the IAF recently expressed interest in acquiring an additional 97 Tejas Mk1A variants, highlighting its confidence in the indigenous fighter jet. This additional order reinforces the importance of maintaining a steady production pace.

While the engine delivery delay presents a potential challenge, the program’s stakeholders are actively working to minimize its impact. The success of these efforts will be crucial in ensuring the smooth production and timely delivery of the Tejas Mk1A for the IAF.

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