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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is poised to welcome its newest fighter jet, the Tejas Mk1A, with the formation of the first squadron later this year. This indigenous aircraft marks a significant milestone in India’s self-reliance efforts in the defence sector.

According to sources at, the first Tejas Mk1A squadron will be operational by the end of 2024 at Nal Air Force Station in Rajasthan, bordering Pakistan. Following the success of the first squadron, the IAF plans to establish a second squadron at Naliya Air Base in Kutch, Gujarat, further strengthening its aerial presence along the western frontier.

While details remain undisclosed, sources at suggest the potential formation of a third Tejas Mk1A squadron on the western border. This further strengthens India’s aerial defence network in this critical region.

By mid-2025, the IAF expects to have a sizeable Tejas Mk1A fleet operational. The initial squadron will begin with over 18 aircraft, and with new deliveries expected, the second squadron is projected to be operational around the same time.

The IAF is actively preparing airbases for Tejas Mk1A operations. has learned that by mid-2025, bases earmarked for the third squadron will be fully equipped to accommodate and support the deployment of these indigenous fighter jets.

The Tejas Mk1A’s deployment marks a new chapter for the IAF. As more squadrons become operational and the fleet grows, the Tejas Mk1A is poised to play a vital role in safeguarding India’s airspace and bolstering its national security.

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