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The much-anticipated first flight of the Tejas Mk-2 fighter jet has a target date. Dr. Jitendra Jadhav, Director of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), recently spoke with Anantha Krishnan M of Tarmak Media House, revealing a projected timeframe for the maiden flight.

According to Dr. Jadhav, the Tejas Mk-2’s first flight is now expected to occur sometime between September and October of 2025. This news comes after previous delays in the program’s timeline.

The Tejas Mk-2 is an upgraded version of the indigenous Tejas Light Combat Aircraft. It boasts several advancements, including a more powerful engine, enhanced avionics, and a stronger airframe. These improvements aim to significantly elevate the combat capabilities of the Tejas platform.

The successful development and first flight of the Tejas Mk-2 will be a significant milestone for India’s aerospace sector. It signifies the nation’s growing self-reliance in producing advanced fighter aircraft.

While challenges and delays are not uncommon in complex engineering projects, this updated timeline provides a clearer picture of when the Tejas Mk-2 might be ready for initial flight testing, but recent report in claimed first flight will happen in early 2026 that looks more realistic timeline.