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Indian Navy is taking quite an interest in HAL’s development of a Loyal Wingman program for the Indian Air Force (IAF), Navy has shown interest in acquiring deck-based Loyal wingman that can participate in operations along with Manned aircraft like TEDBf in near future.

Top Indian Naval Aviators are convinced that Aerial combat is headed toward a manned-unmanned teaming approach like artificial intelligence-driven wingman. has been told that while the Navy is watching HAL’s Loyal wingman programs it will be on board when most of the technology is developed so that transition to a deck-based variant can be easily achieved.

Deck-based wingman needs to have undercarriage that can support takeoff and landings from the confined flight deck of an aircraft carrier and also need to be able to operate in heavy cross winds and adverse oceanic conditions. has been told that the Deck-based Loyal wingman program for the Indian Navy will be nothing like the one that is being developed for the Air Force and will require new design and additional features.

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