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The fourth fighter jet program that India is developing will be a deck-based fighter jet to replace the accident-prone Mig-29K on the present aircraft carrier will be incorporating all the 5th gen technology that is under development for India’s 5th gen AMCA fighter program confirmed ADA officials to

TEDBF will incorporate smart data fusion from multi-spectral sensors to provide identification, location, jamming, and decoying against a wide range of threats, it will carry the same technology as AMCA which will make it a unique fighter jet among its contemporaries. was told that after deliberation with the Navy it was decided that the development of a 4.5gen twin-engine fighter jet will give enough hands-on experience to fix various shortcomings of the deck-based 5th gen fighter jets that are facing today. Present Deck-based 5th gen fighters have limited payload-carrying capabilities when compared with 4.5gen fighter jets and are facing issues maintaining speed and other maintenance-heavy challenges that are difficult to be performed on an aircraft carrier.

TEDBF will incorporate 5th gen technologies to remain technologically relevant even 20 years down the line when it will be still in production for third aircraft carrier requirements.

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