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Aeronautical Development Agency and Indian Navy plans to complete Preliminary Design Review (PDR) in coming weeks and breaking from IAF tradition will present file to the Ministry of Defence to clear budget for 14000 crores for the development of four prototypes of Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF).

The Indian Navy has committed to purchasing 60 deck-based fighter jets when production begins in 2031, replacing Russian accident-prone 45 Mig-29K fighter jets from its fleet beginning in 2034 and completely by 2040.

ADA intends to complete Critical Design Review (CDR) by the end of 2024, followed by first Prototype rollout in 2026 and first flight in 2027. ADA is conducting additional wind tunnel testing on the TEDBF model and intends to complete nearly 1000 flight trials in less than 5 years from first takeoff, with the aircraft ready for production in 2032.

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