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After acquiring intellectual property (IP) rights for a German-origin platform called Grob G 180 SPn, Tata will also be locally manufacturing Airbus C-295M Transport aircraft in the country, which will not only boost Indian Air Force’s Strategic airlift capabilities but also boost its standing in the Aerospace sector in the country.

Tata Advanced Systems Limited, a wholly owned Tata Sons subsidiary, is now considering acquiring more IP rights of aircraft like medium ranged transporter to regional transport aircraft from defunct aerospace majors and introducing them in the country not only for military needs but also to cater to growing demands of air travel in the country.

While Tata does want to spill the beans but it has a long-term plan to expand its footprint in the aerospace sector in the country for which it will require platforms that are beyond Grob G 180 SPn and C-295M. has been told by company officials that the company is keen to invest in the sector and come up with platforms that can suit both military and civilian needs.

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