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Tata Advanced Systems has thrown its hat into the ring for the Indian Army’s requirement of 814 Mounted Gun Systems (MGS) by offering its own 155mm/52 calibre mounted gun system. This move adds another contender to the competition, potentially heating the race for this major defence contract.

Tata’s offering differs from the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) being jointly developed by DRDO and Kalyani Strategic Systems. Instead of basing its system on the ATAGS, Tata’s gun draws inspiration from Denel’s 155mm T5-52 Self-Propelled Howitzer. However, it will be mounted on a locally developed Tata 8×8 high-mobility vehicle.

Performance-wise, Tata’s MGS boasts an impressive range, reaching 31km with a boat tail projectile, 42km with a base-bleed projectile, and a staggering 55km with a Very Long Artillery Projectile (V-LAP). Additionally, the system can fire six rounds per minute, with a burst of three rounds in just 16 seconds and a sustained firing of two rounds per minute.

This offering comes after Tata showcased a scale model of their MGS at Aero India 2023, highlighting their interest in the project. They even developed a prototype back in 2012, but the company claims that the prototype has been further refined.

With Tata entering the fray, the competition for the Indian Army’s MGS program intensifies. While DRDO’s ATAGS is already undergoing trials, Tata’s offering likely will not be accepted, as ATAGS-based MGS already has the upper hand since the Indian Army already plans to procure 307 units of Towed variant of the ATAGS.

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