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Bengaluru-based Tardid Technologies Pvt Ltd made a splash at Eurosatory 2024, showcasing its innovative AI-based solution for naval vessels: PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS OF HULL & MACHINERY (PAH&M). Tardid’s motto for PAH&M, “Sweat in peacetime so you can relax in difficult times,” aptly summarizes its philosophy. This system aims to prevent potential problems at sea by proactively monitoring a ship’s hull and machinery.

Naval vessels endure a unique set of challenges compared to commercial ships. They operate in harsh conditions, experience extreme maneuvers, and are constantly exposed to corrosive environments. This results in significantly higher fatigue on a naval vessel’s hull compared to its commercial counterparts. Furthermore, fatigue cracks typically begin on the surface in the short term but move deeper within the metal over extended periods.

Tardid’s PAH&M utilizes artificial intelligence to provide European Navies and manufacturers with a comprehensive solution:

  • Autonomous Monitoring: PAH&M continuously monitors the ship’s hull, structural members, and stiffeners for signs of wear and tear.
  • Maintenance Prioritization: By analyzing the collected data, PAH&M prioritizes maintenance needs, allowing crews to focus on the most critical areas first.
  • Operational Optimization: The system provides insights that can be used to optimize operational practices and minimize stress on the vessel.
  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Prediction: PAH&M estimates the remaining lifespan of crucial components, enabling pre-emptive replacements and avoiding potential breakdowns at sea.

Tardid’s PAH&M represents a significant advancement in naval maintenance practices. By leveraging AI for proactive monitoring and analysis, PAH&M empowers navies to ensure the safety and operational readiness of their fleets.

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