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The U.S. Navy has secured a crucial contract modification with Boeing for the final 17 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, marking a potential turning point for the iconic fighter jet’s production future.

This $1.1 billion contract, announced on March 19th, comes after stalled negotiations last year. The deal secures 10 F/A-18F Lot 46 aircraft and an additional seven from Lot 47, ensuring deliveries begin in late 2026 and conclude by spring 2027.

The F/A-18 program has also faced setbacks with the Indian Navy opting for the French Rafale fighter jet over the Super Hornet. This, coupled with the lack of further U.S. Navy orders, suggests the end of production is imminent.

This development leaves Boeing with only two production fighter jets in its portfolio: the F-18 and the F-15EX. The conclusion of F-18 production would likely see Boeing shift its focus entirely to the F-15EX, a more modern fighter designed for the evolving needs of aerial combat.

While the Super Hornet has served the U.S. Navy with distinction for decades, its future as an export aircraft remains uncertain. This final production run for the U.S. Navy could spell the end of the F-18’s reign as a dominant force in global fighter jet markets.

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