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Indian Army intelligence sources have expressed concern over a worrying trend in recent militant attacks in Kashmir. These attacks, characterized by the use of steel-core bullets and well-coordinated “hit-and-run” tactics, have resulted in casualties among Indian security forces.

Military sources claim the insurgents are deploying steel-coated bullets, designed to penetrate the armor of military vehicles. This presents a significant challenge, as it can inflict greater damage and bypass traditional bulletproof protection, especially at close range.

The terrorists’ strategy appears meticulous. They reportedly possess detailed knowledge of troop movements and strategically position themselves for ambushes. Attacks often involve firing from multiple directions, creating confusion and maximizing casualties before a swift escape into dense forests, hindering the effectiveness of reinforcements.

This new tactic seems to be part of a larger trend. Security forces have highlighted several incidents over the past year where similar methods were employed:

  • May 4, 2024: An Indian Air Force serviceman killed in an ambush at Surankote, Poonch.
  • Dec 21, 2023: Four soldiers killed by terrorists in Surankote.
  • Nov 22-23: Two officers among five killed in a Kalakote encounter.
  • Sept 13: One soldier killed in an encounter in Rajouri’s Narla area.
  • May 5: Five Army commandos killed in an IED blast in Rajouri’s Kandi.
  • April 20: Five soldiers killed in an ambush at Bhatta Dhurian, Poonch.

The Indian Army acknowledges the challenge posed by these evolving tactics. While details remain undisclosed, security forces are actively seeking countermeasures to prevent future casualties. This may involve improved intelligence gathering, revised deployment strategies, and potentially the acquisition of more robustly armored vehicles.