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Horrifying CCTV footage emerged on May 9, 2024, depicting a Bangladeshi Air Force Yak-130 trainer jet crashing dramatically into the Karnaphuli River. The incident, attributed to a botched low-level maneuver, serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with aerial acrobatics.

The video showcases the Yak-130 attempting a low-level roll over the runway. However, the maneuver goes disastrously wrong. The aircraft makes contact with the runway surface, sending sparks flying as it scrapes along the ground. Miraculously, the jet becomes airborne again momentarily, but with its tail section engulfed in flames.

The burning aircraft then crashes violently into the nearby Karnaphuli River. Thankfully, Both Pilots managed to eject safely before the impact. The second pilot was killed.

The Bangladeshi Air Force has launched a full investigation into the crash to determine the cause of the accident. Speculation suggests pilot error or potential mechanical malfunction as contributing factors.