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The Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that the entry of foreign nationals into the country is a sovereign decision regarding the denial of entry to Nitasha Kaul, a UK national. During a weekly media briefing by the MEA, the official spokesperson, Randhir Jaiswal, said, “This particular UK national (Nitasha Kaul) came to India on February 22. As you know, the entry of foreign nationals into our country is a sovereign decision…”

Notably, UK-based Indian-origin academic and professor, Nitasha Kaul, claimed that she was deported from India immediately after her arrival at the Bengaluru airport.

Kaul said that she was invited by the Karnataka government for a two-day conclave on constitutional rights.

“Denied entry to #India for speaking on democratic & constitutional values. I was invited to a conference as esteemed delegate by Govt of #Karnataka (Congress-ruled state) but Centre refused me entry. All my documents were valid & current (UK passport & OCI),” Ms Kaul posted on X on February 25.

“I was given no reason by immigration except ‘we cannot do anything, orders from Delhi’. My travel & logistics had been arranged by Karnataka & I had the official letter with me. I received no notice or info in advance from Delhi that I would not be allowed to enter,” added Ms Kaul in her post on X.

he invite had sparked controversy after the BJP claimed that Ms Kaul had alleged sympathies towards Pakistan.

BJP Karnataka alleged on X that Congress had disgraced the Indian Constitution by inviting a Pakistani sympathiser.

“At the expense of Karnataka tax payers’, Congress govt is channeling funds to Terrorist-Sympathisers, Urban Naxals, Anti-Nationals, Riots-accused to destabilise India ahead of elections,” wrote BJP Karnataka on X.