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South Korea’s indigenous fighter jet program, the KF-21 Boramae, has achieved another impressive feat. According to reports, the KF-21 successfully surpassed Mach 1.8 during recent flight testing.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in the development of the 4.5 generation fighter jet. The high-speed test comes shortly after the completion of live-fire missile tests, further demonstrating the program’s steady progress.

Reports indicate that the entire KF-21 development program is on track and adhering to its planned schedule. This signifies a well-coordinated effort between South Korea and Indonesia, the project’s partner nation.

The KF-21 program is a collaborative effort between South Korea and Indonesia. This successful test flight serves as a testament to the combined expertise and innovation driving the project forward.

With crucial milestones like high-speed testing and live-fire demonstrations being achieved, the KF-21 program edges closer to its ultimate goal – the deployment of a powerful and versatile fighter jet for the South Korean Air Force.