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Solar Industries India Limited (SOLARINDS) has achieved a significant milestone in Indian air warfare capabilities. Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal, Chairman of SOLARINDS, confirmed successful test flights of their indigenously developed 125kg bomb onboard Su-30MKI fighter jets.

This bomb is part of the Make-II Defence Production program, aiming to equip the Indian Air Force (IAF) with a versatile and domestically produced air-to-ground weapon. Designed as a universal bomb, it shares similarities with the widely used MK-81 bomb and is expected to seamlessly integrate with existing IAF aircraft, including the Mirage-2000.

The Solar Group, an explosives manufacturer based in Nagpur, is behind the development of this 125kg bomb. Notably, the IAF Chief himself inspected the bomb in November 2023, highlighting its potential importance for the air force.

Following the successful Su-30MKI trials, the bomb is now poised for further testing on Mirage-2000 aircraft. This signifies a critical step towards potential induction into the IAF’s arsenal. The successful integration of this bomb with various IAF jets will offer pilots a reliable and domestically produced weapon for diverse combat scenarios.

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