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Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal, Chairman of Solar Industries India, that is in charge of manufacturing explosives and Pinaka Multi-Barrell Rocket Systems said in an interview confirmed that the company has been granted permission to manufacture two guided rockets that will be ready in neat 18 months to bridge the gap between Pinaka Guided (75km) and SSM (350km.

Nuwal confirmed that two guided missiles have been named Maheshwarastra 1, which will have a range of 150km, and Maheshwarastra 2, which will have a range of 290km.

Nuwal said the guided rocket will cost only 8 crores when compared to 40 cores that are spent on procuring 40 crores. Maheshwarastra 1 and Maheshwarastra 2 can be used where precision is not the only factor. It seems both Maheshwarastra 1 and Maheshwarastra 2 can be classified as Multiple rocket launchers and Tactical ballistic missiles that can be mass-produced and will be similar to the M142 HIMARS ( High Mobility Artillery Rocket System)

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