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India’s ambitious Fleet Support Ships (FSS) program for the Indian Navy has hit a potential snag with the reported exclusion of Turkish participation. Anadolu Shipyard of TAIS, initially expected to collaborate on design and provide key equipment, has seemingly been sidelined., reached out to Anadolu Shipyard for clarification on their absence from the FSS project. However, the company reportedly declined to comment. Indian media outlets allege the Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) harbored concerns about collaborating with a Turkish firm due to Turkey’s political stances. This includes Turkey’s support for Pakistan on the Kashmir issue at the UN and ongoing friction between the two nations.

With the reported exclusion of Anadolu Shipyard, the project will shift entirely to domestic efforts. Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) will collaborate with a Kochi-based consultant for indigenous design and construction of the five 44,000-ton FSS vessels.

Strained relations between India and Turkey could be a significant factor. The Indian government might prioritize domestic security by not relying on a foreign entity for a critical military project. India’s “Make in India” initiative emphasizes domestic production in the defense sector. The decision to go fully indigenous aligns with this goal.

The first FSS is expected to be delivered by HSL in 2027, with all five ships operational by 2031-32.