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The Adani Group, in a significant development for India’s maritime defence capabilities, has confirmed plans to develop a ship-based variant of the Naval Anti-Ship Missile – Short Range (NASM-SR). This comes on the heels of their selection as the production partner for the helicopter-launched version of the missile, currently under development by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The existing NASM-SR boasts a respectable range of 55 kilometers. However, the new ship-based variant will pack an extra punch, thanks to the addition of a solid booster. This enhanced propulsion system promises to significantly extend the missile’s strike range, allowing it to effectively engage warships and other sea-based targets at greater distances.

But the added firepower isn’t the only noteworthy aspect of the ship-based NASM-SR. The engineers have ensured that the missile remains lightweight, making it suitable for integration with smaller warships like missile boats. This versatility expands the range of platforms that can wield this potent anti-ship weapon, bolstering India’s coastal defence capabilities.

The development of the ship-based NASM-SR marks a crucial step towards strengthening India’s maritime defence posture. With its extended range and adaptability to smaller vessels, this versatile missile promises to be a valuable asset in safeguarding India’s vast coastline and strategic interests at sea.

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