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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) sets its sights on a historic milestone: landing the first Indian astronaut on the Moon by 2040. This ambitious plan marks a significant step forward in India’s lunar exploration ambitions.

ISRO chairman S. Somanath has outlined this goal, emphasizing the crucial role of the upcoming Gaganyaan mission. This mission, slated for launch sometime between 2023-2024, aims to send a crew of Indian astronauts into low Earth orbit for a few days. The success of Gaganyaan will provide invaluable experience and pave the way for the more complex lunar mission.

This lunar mission signifies India’s growing prominence in the global space race. A successful landing would not only be a scientific triumph but also a national achievement, inspiring future generations of scientists and engineers.

The road to 2040 will be long and demanding. However, with its proven track record and unwavering determination, ISRO is well-positioned to make this lunar mission a reality. This endeavor promises to be a thrilling chapter in India’s space exploration journey.