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Recent satellite imagery reveals the completion of a second military aircraft hangar on Coco Island, a significant development for Myanmar’s military infrastructure. This has reignited speculation about the island’s intended purpose and potential implications for neighboring countries, particularly India.

Last year, India raised serious concerns about Myanmar potentially allowing China to establish monitoring and surveillance facilities on Coco Island. These facilities, India feared, could be used to track Indian missile launches off the Balasore test range in Odisha and strategic assets near Visakhapatnam.

However, Myanmar’s military junta has consistently denied Chinese involvement in the island’s development, including the extension of the runway, construction of hardened shelters, and installation of monitoring stations.

The completion of the second hangar further fuels anxieties in the region. Analysts believe the increased capacity could signify plans for deploying additional military aircraft to the island. This, in turn, could enhance Myanmar’s ability to conduct surveillance operations or potentially increase its military footprint in the Bay of Bengal. The exact purpose and capabilities associated with the new hangar remain unclear, but its presence undoubtedly adds a layer of complexity to regional dynamics.