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The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence (SCOD) has advised the Indian Air Force (IAF) to reduce the number of aircraft types in its fleet to have fewer operational as well as maintenance issues and to enhance the efficiency of the fighter fleet, IAF fighter fleet typically consists of 6-7 different fighter types procured from different countries.

IAF has reportedly told SCOD that it procures a mix of low, mid and high-tier fighter jets for different operational roles but in future, it plans to achieve certain commonalities with Made in India fighter jets that will share certain levels of commonality either because of engine or avionics.

IAF plans to retire the Mig-21 fleet by 2025 and by 2035, Mirage-2000, Jaguar and Mig-29UPG fleet will be retired as mandated that will be replaced by Tejas MkII aircraft along with AMCA Mk1 fighter jets. IAF also intends to procure 114 jets of foreign origin that might be another type if IAF doesn’t pick Rafale F4/5 fighter jets for these requirements.

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