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According to prominent Journalist ” Saurav Jha “, the Royal Saudi Army that had carried out Desert trials of Pune-based Kalyani Group manufactured Bharat 52, a 155 millimetre (mm), 52 calibres (cal) towed howitzer and Garuda V2, a 105 mm gun mounted on a light vehicle chassis for added mobility in 2020 has placed orders with India for one of the systems of late.

Royal Saudi Army operates the GC-45 howitzer, a 155 mm howitzer that was designed by Gerald Bull’s Space Research Corporation (SRC), the company that was later acquired by the Kalyani Group. Bharat 52 is a GC-45 howitzer in modern Avatar with an upgraded 52-cal barrel with overhaul major improvements in electronics.

Royal Saudi Army since is familiar with the GC-45 howitzer was interested in procuring 70-80 guns from the Kalyani Group with a price range of 13-14cr per unit. Kalyani Group also has developed Bharat 45 which is an upgraded variant of the GC-45 howitzer with the same 45-cal barrel that has been offered to various South-Eastern countries that still operate the original Howitzer.

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