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Saab, the Swedish defence giant, is making a major push into the Indian market. In March 2024, they announced the construction of their first-ever manufacturing facility outside Sweden, a 3.6-acre site at MET City, Jhajjar, dedicated to producing the Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon system.

Saab’s ambitions extend beyond the Carl-Gustaf. They’re exploring the possibility of manufacturing and supplying India with the RBS15 anti-ship missile. This versatile missile boasts land-attack capabilities and a 200kg warhead with a range exceeding 300km.

Saab is particularly keen on offering the air-launched variant of the RBS15. This missile boasts compatibility with various fighter jets, including the Saab Gripen-E which Saab is also proposing to the Indian Air Force (IAF) under the MRFA (Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft) tender.

While Saab’s intentions are clear, a decision on manufacturing the RBS15 in India hinges on Indian procurement. DRDO’s ongoing development of indigenous anti-ship missiles adds another layer of complexity. It remains to be seen if Saab will proceed with RBS15 manufacturing even if India opts for a domestic solution.

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