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Amid escalating tensions surrounding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a significant incident unfolded in the skies over Russia. A Tu-22M3 “Backfire” strategic bomber of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed in the Stavropol Krai region of southwestern Russia. The incident, attributed to a technical malfunction, occurred during a missile attack against Ukraine. Despite the harrowing circumstances, both pilots managed to eject successfully and were reportedly transported to a hospital in moderate condition, according to Russian sources.

The Tu-22M3, a long-range supersonic bomber, has been a stalwart of the Russian Aerospace Forces since its introduction in the 1970s. Designed for strategic bombing missions, reconnaissance, and maritime attack roles, the Tu-22M3 is a versatile aircraft renowned for its speed and range. However, like any complex piece of machinery, it is susceptible to technical malfunctions and operational hazards.

The crash of the Tu-22M3 bomber occurred amidst heightened tensions surrounding the conflict in Ukraine. As the Russian military engaged in a missile attack against targets in Ukraine, the bomber encountered a technical malfunction while operating over the Stavropol Krai region. The exact nature of the malfunction remains undisclosed, pending further investigation by Russian authorities.