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Once again, Russia has reaffirmed its previous proposal to supply additional Mig-29K fighter jets to meet the Indian Navy’s requirements. This offer comes in response to rival proposals made by Dassault Rafale M and Boeing for their respective aircraft, the Rafale M and F-18 E/F Superhornet, to fulfil the Indian Navy’s order for 26 fighter jets.

Russia’s updated offer includes equipping the Mig-29K with new and improved RD-33 engines. These engines provide a higher thrust of 91kN compared to the current engines’ 88kN, which also addresses concerns raised by the Indian Navy regarding the wearing of parts at high speeds.

Additionally, Russia has offered an advanced Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar system for the Mig-29K. This radar system boasts a substantial increase in range and enhances the aircraft’s maritime operational capabilities. Specific details regarding the AESA radar system on offer for the Mig-29K have not been shared with idrw, by Rosoboronexport thus not providing valuable insights into its capabilities.

With this renewed offer, Russia aims to meet the Indian Navy’s requirements by offering upgraded Mig-29K fighter jets equipped with improved engines and advanced radar systems. This move presents the Indian Navy with an alternative option to consider alongside the rival proposals from Dassault and Boeing. The decision ultimately rests with the Indian Navy, which will carefully evaluate these offers and select the most suitable fighter aircraft for its operational needs.

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