Rosoboronexport, Russia’s state arms exporter, has dismissed rumors claiming disruptions in the delivery of S-400 air defense systems to India. Director General Alexander Mikheev confirmed during the World Defense Show that the contract remains on track and unaffected by current events.

The denial comes in response to recent reports, primarily in Western media, citing an anonymous Indian Air Force source. These reports alleged delays in Russia’s “large arms supply” to India due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions. Additionally, Ukrainian media outlets echoed similar claims regarding the supposed “disruption” of deliveries for the final two S-400 divisions and spare parts for Russian combat aircraft.

Mikheev’s firm statement serves as a strong rebuttal to these rumors. He emphasized that the S-400 contract is progressing as per the agreed-upon schedule, suggesting no obstacles hinder the deliveries. This affirmation provides some degree of reassurance to India, which has faced potential sanctions threats from the US for their purchase of the Russian missile system.

Despite the official denial, uncertainties still linger. The lack of transparency and limited information regarding the exact details of the contract make it difficult to definitively assess the situation. Some key questions remain unanswered.

This ongoing saga surrounding the S-400 deal holds broader geopolitical implications. India’s balancing act between maintaining close ties with Russia and navigating potential US sanctions remains a key area of international interest.